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Faith Co., Ltd.
Subtitle Production Consulting

Message from the President

Our country is facing a problem with the decline of population and now has a ratio of the elderly at 28%. We hear glooming news of insufficient workforce, natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes occurring regularly. On the other hand, there is great news with tourism to Japan climbing with the Tokyo Olympics nearing.

We, at Faith, want to use subtitle as a tool to lend our hand to help society as much as we can. For people like the hearing impaired elders and foreigners coming to work in Japan, it should be convenient to have subtitles on TV and videos online, not to mention during disasters. I think it will be great if we can show the world the nice things about our country in many different languages by means of subtitles.

We look to challenge ourselves as a whole to provide the subtitling service wanted for the ever evolving world. Accurately, quickly, and easily. And as our name is, be trusted from our customers and society alike. Faithful to our beliefs and others.



CEO Takabumi Nehashi

September 2018