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We sell subtitle related tools from specialized makers with great track records. Please contact us if interested.

HD Digital Subtitle Exporting System “Digital Sumire”

Subtitle export system made easy and affordable with a laptop and a lightweight mini inserter!
This system is made up of an subtitle exporting application “Digital Sumire” and a HD subtitle inserter that sends the subtitle data as a subtitle data packet superimposed on the HD-SDI signals auxiliary data field.

VANC Inserter

Various data can be sent superimposed onto the auxiliary data field of the SDI or the HD/SD-SDI signal using applications. This device makes sending data such as subtitle data, regulatory signal between broadcast stations, GPS signal, etc. possible.
A SDK to develop applications is included along with it. Details

ANC data monitoring device

ANC data monitoring device decodes the digital subtitle data on the vertical blanking field of HD-SDI or SD-SDI (ancillary data V-ANC), then superimpose it on the video signal and monitors the output.Details

2K supported MXF subtitle superimposing & preview application

An application that previews and superimposes subtitle using the SMPTE-436 standard for the XDCAM HD MXF(OP1a).
The time required to record ANC to SDI signal(using devices such as digital subtitle recording device) has been drastically improved by implementing a software that can handle the workload.
Accelerates file based subtitle management.Details

Digital subtitle production software “Semdec”

Application supporting digital subtitle production.
Fully supporting ARIB STD-B36 as well as the NAB standards.
・Fully supports ARIB STD-B36 standard, which is the file exchange format of subtitle files on digital television broadcasts.
Supports many video formats
・MPEG1、MPEG2、H.264、MXF proxy format videos can be opened. Details

4K Supported (XAVC) MXF Subtitle Superimposing Software

Application that superimposes HD subtitles on MXF files with XAVC format.
・HD subtitles using ARIB/NAB can be superimposed.
・Supports various formats.
・Possible to automatically switch to HD subtitles

Subtitle Production Software “Babel”

Subtitle production software Babel is being used by anywhere from private subtitle translators to video production companies and post-production companies; specialized trainning schools and schools such as colleges that are geared towards foreign languages has also been implementing Babel.

Different types of licenses to fit your need.

  • Dongle Edition (Perpetual License)
  • Online Edition (Subscription License)
  • Academic Edition (For use by schools)

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