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Subtitle Production Consulting

Realtime Subtitle Production

Inserting subtitles on to live broadcast.

At our Matsudo Subtitle Production Center, we produce real-time subtitles for terrestrial television, BS, CS. Supporting many types of broadcasts such as new and sports. For broadcast centers that isn’t receivable at our center, we use low latency IP transferring technology. We use a combination of voice recognition technology along with a fast subtitle correction system, which we developed ourselves, to provide a service that is accurate and cost effective.

Main Features

1. Adding Subtitles to Live Feeds

We provide a real-time subtitle production service to live broadcast shows such as sports, news, and emergency broadcasts. Many techniques are used to display the subtitle quickly and accurately for conversations during the live feed.

2. Advanced Voice Recognition Technology

Our staff listens to the words spoken in the feed and repeats it into the voice recognition software.
The advanced voice recognition system used by us can instantly turn the re-spoken words in to text with high accuracy.

3. Quick Subtitle Correction System Developed In-house

The words that has been turned into text gets sent to our Quick Subtitle Correction System which does not require many people or a highly trained technician. Due to only requiring minor fixes and needing only a few people to make the subtitles more accurate, a cost efficient service can be provided.

4. Capable of Supporting Broadcast Centers Throughout Japan (Local Stations Included)

Our real-time subtitle production system can support broadcast centers that cannot be received on air by using low latency IP transfer technology. This allows us to provide a real-time subtitle production to broadcast centers throughout Japan

How Real-time Subtitling Works