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Subtitle Production Consulting

Subtitle Production

Our subtitle production can be divided into 2 large parts; real-time subtitle and package subtitle.
We strive to optimize subtitle production as well as the display to have information broadcasted on a live feed reach a broader audience more accurately, so that subtitles can be on more contents in order to have entertainment and knowledge reach more people.

Subtitle Production Overview

  • Real-time Subtitle Production
    • Terrestrial wave key station
    • Terrestrial wave local station
    • BS broadcasting station
    • CS broadcasting station
    • Various assemblies(Lectures, simposium, etc.)
    • Various meeting logs
  • Packaged Subtitle Production
    • Terrestrial broadcaster
    • BS and CS broadcaster
    • Videos for businesses (For contents within and outbound)
    • Video streaming services
    • Academic organizations

We have achieved efficiency, accuracy, and lower cost in all the fields listed above.

Appeal Point for Faith Real-time Subtitle Production

1. Use of the in-house developed system
  • The real-time subtitle production system is developed at Faith Co.,Ltd..
  • By having the production and the development team working together, we are constantly working to improve the efficiency and the quality.
2. Knowledge gained through the years of live broadcast subtitling
  • With the know-how garnered through the years, we can suggest ways of operation that wouldn’t be cumbersome to our clients.
  • We can also suggest many ways of low latency transfers from distant locations.
3. Disaster support from afar
  • We can provide subtitling support during disasters from the Kanto area.(To Nagoya, Osaka, Kyushu, Hokkaido, etc.)
4. Advantages of 1&2 listed above
  • The frequent updates that the in-house development allows us to do leads to increasing the work efficiency.
  • Our experience in many fields has lead to a broader vocabulary structure, which makes the voice recognition software to have a higher accuracy.
  • Our training tool allows us to train operators quickly.

Appeal Point for Faith Packaged Subtitle Production

1. Combination of an advanced system and years of experience
  • Transcribing by using voice recognition software
  • Providing service to many types of clients such as content creators, academic organization, and other businesses.
2. Use of software developed in-house
  • Open caption production software is developed in-house.
  • Subtitle production service provided to global video streaming companies and online educational organizations.