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Faith Co., Ltd.
Subtitle Production Consulting

Business in Japan

We have accumulated a great amount of experience and connections in the subtitling field in Japan. With this, we have made many strategic partners alongside companies from overseas that was mutually beneficial.

We are capable with helping with any of the following needs. Please feel free to contact us about it.

1. For real-time, or packaged, subtitles of Japanese broadcasts.
2. To add Japanese subtitles for streaming service marketed to Japanese audiences.
3. Closed caption production for the hearing impaired, especially real-time subtitles.
4. For a partner in Japan in the video/subtitling field.
5. To gain information about a Japanese product, or for an intermediary.
6. For marketing a service or product in the Japanese market.
7. Research for Japanese market, or for industries.
8. If looking to come to Japan to do research on the market, or movement in the field.
9. Seeking to make a branch of the company in Japan.